Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Robert Kraft: It's unfair, but we won't appeal

The New England Patriots were docked two draft picks (a first next year) and $1 million for the DeflateGate saga--in addition to a four-game suspension for quarterback Tom Brady--but owner Robert Kraft has decided not to appeal.

Kraft issued the following statement Tuesday (click the link below to read the full transcript):
"It’s been an emotionally charged couple of weeks, as all of you know. I’ve been considering what my options are. Throughout this whole process, there have been two polarizing audiences. At one end of the spectrum, we’ve had Patriots fans throughout the country who have been so supportive and really inspirational to us and believing in us. I’m also mindful at the other end of the spectrum there are fans that feel just the opposite."
"What I’ve learned is the ongoing rhetoric continues to galvanize both camps and I don’t see that changing, and they will never agree. The one thing that we all can agree upon is the entire process has taken way too long. I don’t think anyone can believe that after four months [since] the AFC Championship Game we are still talking about air pressure and the psi in footballs."

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