Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jets balancing patience and reps with Bryce Petty

The New York Jets have an opportunity to be diligent with a young quarterback, something that is now rare in the modern NFL.

Bryce Petty, a fourth-rounder out of Baylor, was never in the running for the starting job this year. He's not being thrown to the wolves as many first-year signal-callers are, and he'll be able to work the next year or two in the background while the team grooms him to be a potential starter in the future.

“I don’t have a timetable,” Petty told the NY Daily News Saturday. “There’s not a whole lot of retraining. It’s learning something new. It’s fun. The bumps and bruises are hard. ... But when you sit back and think about the football knowledge I’ve learned these last couple months, man that’s cool to me. I’m excited about what’s ahead.”

With Geno Smith out for the time being, Petty is now working as the No. 2 behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. While Petty is not battling for a starting job, he's being given as much work as possible as the Jets try to get him up to speed. 

"You want [Petty] to get as many reps as he can," coach Todd Bowles said, via "He can't get reps by holding a clipboard on the sideline. It's preseason. As long as his recognition gets better every week and he understands and he calms down a little bit, he'll be fine. We knew it was a process, but he can't play if he's on the sideline."

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