Monday, October 12, 2015

Gimmick? Rex Ryan defends "Yes Sir" wristbands

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan had his team wear wristbands Sunday with the words "Yes Sir" on them as a reminder to keep their composure.

The Bills followed up their 17-penalty game last week with just seven flags this week in a win over the Tennessee Titans. So Ryan scoffs at the idea that the wristbands were a gimmick.

“It was funny because some people were saying it’s a gimmick,” Ryan said, via “And I’m like, no it’s not. You talk to professionals who know these type of things it wasn’t done to be a gimmick."

Ryan, however, had some trouble with his own wristband, which he snapped in frustration at the beginning of the game.

"Now the fact mine snapped the first play probably wasn’t a great thing," he said.

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