Wednesday, March 23, 2016

'Red card rule,' touchback spot set for one-year testers

The list of NFL rule changes put into place for the upcoming season continues to grow, with two notable tweaks likely to have a large impact on the outcome of at least a few games in 2016.

The league passed the so-called "red card rule" Wednesday, which would force the ejection of a player who accumulates two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game.

Also changing is the spot of the ball after a touchback, which has been moved up 5 yards, to the 25-yard line. Likely enacted to dissuade teams from automatically kicking the ball through the end zone, this may affect how some special teams squads approach kickoffs.

Both rules have been put in place on a one-year trial, similar to how the PAT ball spotting move was handled prior to last season.