Friday, May 27, 2016

Gronk, Goodwin, Hogan among SI's Top 50 Most Fit

Sports Illustrated put together a list of the most impressive male athletes in the world, and some familiar faces from the division made the cut.

Based on six criteria — strength (or "strengh," as their infographic depicts), speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and skill in his or her respective sport — they, with the help of a large panel of trainers, coaches, experts and coaches, put together the 50 most fit male athletes.

Here are your AFC East shout-outs:

18. Marquise Goodwin - Buffalo Bills
"Some know Goodwin as an NFL wide receiver while others remember him for his track-and-field accomplishments in the long jump, including an appearance at the 2012 London Olympics. From leaping into the sand pit to squatting more than 400 pounds, Goodwin's feats in two elite professional sports speak to his impressive athletic abilities."

38. Chris Hogan - New England Patriots
"Hogan may not be one of the most notable players in the NFL, but the former college lacrosse standout and New Jersey native is training to be one of the league's top (and fittest) wide receivers. His high-intensity workouts hone balance, agility and explosiveness through exercises such as sprints and sled pushes. It's only right that he trains at a facility called 'Freak Strength.'"

46. Rob Gronkowski - New England Patriots
"Gronkowski's 6'6'', 265-pound frame is near impossible to stop on the football field thanks to his intense workouts and commitment to fitness. Now Gronk is taking his passion one step further with his new family business, Gronk Fitness Products, a line of performance fitness products built for sports facilities and home gyms."