Friday, February 10, 2012

Pats president Kraft defends tight end Gronkowski


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his post-Super Bowl antics might not have the approval of an important former Patriots player. Gronkowski, however, definitely has the support of an important current member of the organization.

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft discussed the state of the team with ESPN Boston Radio Friday. He touched on the Gronkowski Dancegate situation.

“One thing I do know is the guy is 100 percent a passionate when it comes to football,” Kraft said, according to the Boston Herald. “He loves football. He wants to win. He doesn’t like losing. I don’t know specifically what people are questioning, but he’s an ultimate competitor. I think the team did accomplish a lot this year. Unfortunately, we fell a little bit short of the ultimate goal."

"I do think that he and other players probably have different ways of both celebrating what we were able to achieve and dealing with the disappointment of the night, and I think it’s hard to personalize how any individual would deal with that and project it on someone else.”

Gronkowski had surgery on his ankle Friday.

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