Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marino: Growing on the run part of deal for Tannehill


In 1983, then-rookie quarterback Dan Marino started the season as the Miami Dolphins' backup signal-caller.

Now-rookie Ryan Tannehill won't be doing the same. But the Dolphins can only hope Tannhill's rookie campaign is even half as good as Marino's, which ended with his first of nine Pro Bowl berths.

Tannehill, who was originally a favorite to hold the clipboard for a year while either incumbent Matt Moore or trial-signing David Garrard took the reigns behind center, was named the Dolphins' starter two weeks ago.

“He’s (Tannehill) going to have to grow as much as he can on the run and that’s part of the deal," Marino told's Andy Kent Tuesday. "I would tell him to have a short memory. You’re going to have some bad games so you have to keep it going and just turn it loose.”

Tannehill is a pretty raw first-year player, having spent a chunk of his college career at receiver. However, he's plenty athletic and, according to many, a very cerebral player.

“I’ve seen him run around pretty good and he made some plays running and he has the experience of being a wide receiver so he understands some of that part of it,” Marino said. “They wouldn’t have picked him eighth if they didn’t think he could be a big-time player in the league.”

Tannehill's first test will come against a stout defense in the Houston Texans.

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