Monday, March 4, 2013

Johnson still open to playing from slot, or 'wherever'


While Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson hasn't produced the smoothest of rides through the first part of his NFL career, his effort, outside of the gym, hasn't been questioned.

Last December, Johnson welcomed the idea of playing from the slot as opposed to his usual perimeter spot, calling it "easy money."

Under a completely new coaching staff, Johnson's feelings haven't changed. (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

"If a cornerback's got a problem holding me outside, where I got a little bit of space to the sideline and the inside to work," Johnson recently told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, "how are they going to hold me when I'm in the slot, where I've got both ways to work? I feel good about wherever I'm lined up at.

"I want to go anywhere I can benefit the offense. If that means putting me in the backfield and we're going to throw screens or flat routes, OK. Let's do it. If there's anything we can take advantage of, let's do it."

Johnson also discussed with Graham the prospect of the Bills drafting a receiver with their eighth overall pick or going after a top-tier free agent receiver to help fill the void of secondary receivers Donald Jones and David Nelson, who won't be back next season.

"We'll be adding more," Johnson said. "We'll be adding maybe a couple more. I feel like what they're doing isn't without a plan.

"They have a plan. I'm just waiting to see what happens, and I'll be ready for it, ready to do my part, whatever they want me to do. I'm ready for the challenge, as usual."

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