Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bills scout compares WR prospect to Eric Moulds


It's no secret that the Buffalo Bills are looking for another wide receiver.

Buffalo has passed on a number of big and mid-name wideouts since the free agency period began, leading us to believe that the need will be filled this weekend during the draft. (photo: Tennessee Journalist, Flickr)

Tom Roth, the Bills' scout for college football's SCC and ACC divisions, shed a little light on Tuesday about one player the team has been eyeing down south -- former Tennessee and Tennessee Tech star Da'Rick Rogers.

"On the football field, he's a big, strong, physical cat," Roth said via the John Murphy Show. "Great looking kid. Muscled up, thick. You know who I kind of compare him to, is Eric Moulds ... Big, physical, strong receiver, really good body control, really good ball skills."

Moulds, a Bills staple for 10 years, put up more than 9,000 yards and 84 touchdowns with the team in his career, that despite a streak of some sketchy signal-callers (Alex Van Pelt anyone?). At 6-foot, 2-inches, Moulds was a force on the outside with sure hands under pressure, similar to how Rogers has performed thus far.

Rogers' weakness comes in his off-the-field issues, having been suspended indefinitely from Tennessee in August last year and ultimately transferring to Tennessee Tech.

"He had some character issues," Roth said. "Talking to him at the Combine, it's cleared up a little bit, but is it going to come back? You don't know. But as scouts, we grade their ability, and then Buddy (Nix) and Doug Whaley make the call on that."

Rogers tallied more than 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns with Tennessee in his first two seasons, and he hauled in nearly 900 yards and 10 TDs with the Golden Eagles last season. He averaged 15 yards a catch throughout his college career.

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