Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bucs GM says Darrelle Revis won't ever hold out


In 2007, Darrelle Revis took until the middle of August to agree to his rookie contract. In 2010, he held out close to the entirety of training camp and missed all four preseason games. In 2012, Revis threatened to hold out again.

But despite his history with the New York Jets, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers insist their new star cornerback won't hold out with them. (photo: Marianne O'Leary, Flickr)

“That won’t happen,” Bucs general manager Mark Dominik told ProFootballTalk. “It won’t. Every year he’s going to walk out of his contract and say, ‘I’m the highest paid defensive back in the NFL, I’m one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL,’ and there’s a lot of peace with Darelle right now, as there should be."

Yeah, but none of his new six-year, $96 million contract is guaranteed. What if, down the road, and probably no later than next year, Revis wants guaranteed language in his contract?

Dominik doesn't see it as an issue.

“... This isn’t one of those more traditional contracts where . . . in year four or five he’s down to four or six million dollars in [base salary], he stays at 16 [million] consistently," Dominik said. "So there’s no big signing bonus at the front where the player forgets about it in year four or five and says ‘I’m underpaid,’ this thing’s heavy all the way through and I think that’s going to stop him, in fact I’m confident that it’s going to stop him from his chances at ever holding out with Tampa Bay.”

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