Tuesday, April 23, 2013

McCourty twins agree to interesting fundraising bet


With draft coverage inundating the majority of NFL news throughout this week, we're going to try our best to sprinkle in some non-draft stories to break up the monotony.

Like a bet that involves a defensive back dressing up like a mascot and signing autographs. (photo: Beth Hart, Flickr)

Such is the case with the McCourty twins, who are jointly hosting a 5K fundraiser in Jersey City, N.J., to help raise funds for sickle cell anemia research. Jason, a cornerback with the Tennessee Titans, and Devin, a corner with the Pats, will host "Tackle Sickle Cell" June 9 in Liberty State Park, and each has set up his own fundraising team.

To make the event a bit more competitive, the two have laid down some interesting stakes for whoever can raise the most money.

"We're gonna see whoever raises the most money is gonna be the winner of our little bet, and whoever loses has to fly to the other one's city, dress up as their mascot, and he has to do a little modeling for the day and sign autographs as a mascot," Devin told Jackie Brittain of patriots.com Tuesday.

"It's gonna be a good competition. A lot of people are going to come out, walk, donate. We can't wait — it'll be our first one — to just get into it and have fun."

On the field, Jason had the slight edge over Devin in 2012, ranking sixth among all cornerbacks, according to Pro Football Focus; Devin ranked eighth.

For more information on the event, or to follow the brothers' fundraising battle, go to www.tacklesicklecell.org or follow @TackleSC on Twitter.

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