Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quarterback E.J. Manuel gets in on smokescreening


As the NFL draft nears, sifting through the smokescreens that overwhelmed the media Wednesday was no easy task.

Especially when the potential draftees get involved in the action. (photo: Dave Wilkinson, Flickr)

Much of the buzz Wednesday afternoon pertained to the Buffalo Bills' No. 8 pick and which (if any) quarterback had a leg up in the competition. Rumors spun that the team was leaning more toward USC's Matt Barkley, while others still had front-runner Ryan Nassib as the team's first pick.

Things got really interesting, though, when the Toronto Sun's John Kryk revealed some inside info of his own. Kryk divulged some comments from an interview with Florida State's E.J. Manuel where the signal-caller throws his own two cents in on Buffalo's draft plans.

"I think Buffalo’s probably going to take a quarterback, and I think they’re going to take one early," Manuel told Kryk. "So I hope I impressed them enough that they believe in me, and that I’m their guy.

"We went over the offence and things like that, which was really good. And I had really good meetings with the head coach (Doug Marrone) as well."

Manuel's upside throughout the draft process has been his mobility and arm strength, though he's been called out at times when it comes to his accuracy and timing. This isn't the first time we've heard Manuel's excitement about landing in the division, which could very much still be a possibility given the Bills don't take quarterback at No. 8. The team still has very real needs at wide receiver, linebacker and offensive line, on top of needing a legitimate franchise quarterback.

According to Chris Brown of (who chose Manuel for the Bills' No. 8 pick), only 3 percent of voters in the site's Draft Day Challenge think Manuel will be the team's first pick. Syracuse's Nassib received 21 percent of the vote.

Check out what some of the Bills' other prospects told Kryk here, and be sure to check out our site throughout the weekend for breaking news and commentary on all the picks in the division. 

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