Monday, September 23, 2013

Belichick goes all Belichick in Monday presser


Just when we thought Bill Belichick couldn't get any more Bill Belichick-ish, he goes all Bill Belichick on us.

The longtime New England Patriots coach was asked Monday about the health of tight end Rob Gronkowski and receiver Danny Amendola.

And, well, here's the transcript of the exchange, via the official press conference transcript:
Q: How close was Rob Gronkowski to playing yesterday?
BB: I don’t know. He was inactive.

Q: Did he have a shot to play?
BB: He was inactive.

Q: Going into the day, was there a chance he’d play?
BB: He was inactive for the game.

Q: What about Danny Amendola?
BB: He was inactive too.

Q: I know they were inactive.
BB: They were inactive so they didn’t play.

Q: I think you have an idea how close they were.
BB: Well, they weren’t able to play. What do you want, percentage points? They couldn’t play.

Q: Going into the day, did you know they couldn’t play?
BB: They were inactive.

Q: That doesn’t answer my question.
BB: They were inactive, it’s as simple as that.
So, what we think he's trying to say is that they were inactive.

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