Monday, July 7, 2014

Watkins can't wait to face CB duo of Revis, Browner


It's well established that the transition from college to the NFL isn't always a smooth one. A bigger stage, thicker playbook and faster overall game can take time to adapt to, even for the most talented of players.

One youngster seemingly unaffected by the differences thus far is Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who sounds ready for a trial by fire.

Interviewed for's rookie confessional, the former Clemson star hit on topics from training camp to his move to Western New York. It was his comments about a pair of New England cornerbacks, however, that really showed where the 21-year-old is setting the bar for this season.

"I'm going to see Revis for the Patriots, (Brandon) Browner, those guys are great at what they do," Watkins said when asked who he's itching to face. "So I'm definitely gotta have a couple patterns with them and be on the field with those guys. They're the all-time greats at cornerback, so I definitely can't wait to compete against them."

The consensus on this year's fourth overall pick has been mixed so far this offseason, with some teammates lauding his abilities while other sources had him struggling at times. It's obviously far too early to tell how things will pan out and just how much of a contribution the rookie will have this season, but Watkins is nonetheless keeping his goals realistic. 

"My goal is to just go out there and play hard," he said. "I know I'm going to make mistakes but at the same time make as many of these plays as I can and play hard on the field and compete 100 percent.

"The ultimate goal is to win; that's my only goal."

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