Monday, August 18, 2014

Edelman taking different approach this time around


Sure, more than 90 penalties were called in Week 2 of preseason matchups alone, but that's not something the New England Patriots are stressing about—at least as far as Julian Edelman is concerned.

The Patriots receiver, fresh off a breakout 105-catch season, was on the horn with WEEI Monday to discuss, among other things, the high number of flags thrown over the weekend, including the 28 in his team's 42-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles Friday night.

"Every team has to deal with it — our defense has to deal with it," he said. "That's the route they want to go, that's what we're going to have to do."

While he's apparently not letting the newfound flag-happy officiating change his course, he has altered his general approach to training camp in 2014, now that he's solidified himself as the go-to option in a somewhat in-transition wideout corps.

"This year has been a little different," Edelman told WEEI. "Now I get to really focus on my fundamentals, plays that I go out there and not have to think about a bunch of noise, what's going on, this, that.

"You really get to brush up route technique. You have the experience from last year to see what guys have done on certain plays, certain techniques, certain head-bobs, all this kind of stuff. It's good to kind to learn from last year and try to use that as a foundation and go on from there."

In an offense with many question marks, No. 11 provides that Wes Welker-type security blanket role for Tom Brady. In fact, Brady has jokingly referred to his undersized pass-catchers, throwing Danny Amendola in the mix, as "pygmies."

When asked what he thought of his new nickname, Edelman, a guy who has been called everything from 'Minitron' to 'Squirrel," simply replied, "He's the commander in chief. What he says goes."

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