Thursday, January 29, 2015

Revis expresses respect for both QBs in Super Bowl

Sunday's Super Bowl matchup features two of the most respected quarterbacks in the game. At least Darrelle Revis thinks so.

Revis, who's appearing in the first championship game of his illustrious career, had nothing but praise for Patriots' leader, Tom Brady, who leads QBs in basically every postseason category. Speaking with reporters Thursday, Revis compared the veteran to the likes of Michael Jordan when it came to his competitive nature.

The corner threw in some accolades for his opponents' signal-caller, as well, calling his style of play "impressive."

"He's very dangerous, he's one of the best scramblers in the NFL," Revis said. "He extends plays. When you watch film on him, you see plays from eight to 10 seconds. He's scrambling, he's running around trying to make a play.

"I think that's one of the biggest things about him, he tries to make, not the perfect play, but he just tries to make a play for his team. It's impressive, the fight he has for his team as a quarterback."


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