Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jennings: Dolphins babied Tannehill, but not his fault

Wide receiver Greg Jennings was asked this week on ESPN if the Miami Dolphins have babied quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Jennings' response: "I’m going to take ‘kind of’ out of it, he has been." The veteran wideout, however, doesn't blame Tannehill.

Via the Palm Beach Post:
"This is no knock on Ryan. This is not Ryan’s choice. He wants to be free,” Jennings said. "He wants to have that freedom, that liberty at the line of scrimmage, as most quarterbacks do. When you show your quarterback that you trust him, you give him freedom. …"
Jennings, who barely amassed 200 yards last season, likely won't be back this year. However, he's apparently not wrong on this one.