Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tannehill trying not to slow down speedy Wallace


Ryan Tannehill won't admit to under-throwing to Mike Wallace, but Tannehill is certain he can do a better job at keeping Wallace moving at his normal pace.

Wallace is the first true speedy, stretch-the-field receiver Tannehill has had at his disposal in his young professional career, and it's taking a little time for the signal-caller to adjust. (photo: Doug Butchy, Flickr)

“When you have a speed guy like that, you don’t want to slow him up," Tannehill said Tuesday, via the Palm Beach Post. "You want to let him hit that last gear and separate at the end. That’s the thing I’m working on right now with him.”

Wallace averaged 17.2 yards a catch through his four seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While he has proved plenty capable of turning shorter passes into long gains, his ability to go vertical on the perimeter is something Tannehill wants to take advantage of.

Wallace thinks Tannehill is plenty capable, saying earlier this offseason that the second-year quarterback "has a cannon" of an arm. Tuesday, the veteran wideout noted that it's too early to expect everything to be "on point" and added that "after training camp we'll be fine."

The pair will have three days of mandatory minicamp action this week to further develop chemistry.

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