Friday, November 22, 2013

Philbin on deep ball issues: It's not complicated


The Miami Dolphins signed receiver Mike Wallace for his home-run ability. Their quarterback, however, hasn't teed it up for Wallace the way his team hoped he would.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has periodically struggled with his deep-ball timing with Wallace, not allowing the wideout ample opportunity to run under the ball and use his breakaway speed to its full potential.

"You have to put a little more air under it so he doesn’t slow down and the DB doesn’t have a chance to break up the pass," Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said earlier this week, via The Miami Herald. "It’s not that complicated, throwing the ball down the field."

Only four teams have fewer passing plays of 20 yards or more than the Dolphins. Miami does have seven completions of 40 yards or more, where it fares slightly better than the league average.

But with an elite field-stretcher like Wallace out there every down, Miami isn't satisfied. Philbin insists he's confident the Dolphins will pick it up in that department, though it's already Week 12.

"It does take the right timing, the receiver has to leave enough space, especially when you’re throwing the ball outside the numbers which we had [on a play last week]," Philbin said. "You have to make that throw, [Tannehill] knows that, I know that, everybody who was at the game knows that.

"Those are the facts, we have to keep working at it and I’m confident we will start making more of those."

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