Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pouncey touts teammates, work ethic for Pro Bowl nod

It's tough enough to make the Pro Bowl at one position. But two different positions in consecutive years? That's, well ... that's Mike Pouncey.

Miami's 25-year-old offensive lineman made the trip last season as a center, and he'll be heading to Glendale on Jan. 25 to play guard for his work this season. It's a feat that hadn't been achieved by any Dolphins offensive player in history until now, and it's something Pouncey attributes the hard work he put in during the offseason, as well as the work of his line mates.

"It just goes to show for my work ethic, all the work I put in in the off season," Pouncey said via the Phinsiders show. "But any of that wouldn't have been possible without the other four guys on the offensive line. Being an offensive lineman, it's a team sport; the ultimate team sport in our field of work.

"Without those guys going out there every play -- we play 60, 70 snaps together. Without those guys, it wouldn't even be possible."


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